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Due Diligence

"What may seem atractive from outside may look entirely different once a acquirer takes full control"

ACT' Capital's due diligence expertise helps companies minimize risk and give them the confidence to create sustainable value in an acquisition.


We fully understand your priorities, have expertise in the local market, are knowledgeable about the issues specific to Turkish business environment and differences in the local accounting GAAP and IFRS, having an impact on the historical reported financial performance and therefore we set a scope accordingly and take a business driven approach during our analysis which are structured around value drivers to represent risks/weaknesses as well as opportunities/strengths.

Our approach is to understand the business first and then to examine the accounts. This helps to ensure that we identify commercial issues as well as more financial issues.

If you are interested in having your company’s current state or its potential reviewed, or if you are after making an investment, we are at your service with our local and international experience.

As ACT Capital, we provide risk and benefit assessment services for our clients. In each project we run, by analysing financial data and identifying the most suitable service for the project, we assist with decisions you are required to make concerning your strategic targets, operational performance and management operations.

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