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Initial Public Offering (IPO)

"As a one-stop advisor, we can provide all the services that are required to prepare a stock exchange listing."

The financing of internal or external growth usually requires substantial funds, which can be raised by listing on a stock exchange. Such a transaction gives existing shareholders the opportunity to partially sell their investment.

As ACT Capital, we will advise you in preparing for a stock exchange listing, without any conflict of interest because we do not act as underwriters – i.e. we do not take up shares in order to place them. Hence we are able to represent the interests of the Shareholders and Management at all times.

  • We advise Shareholders and/or Management whether – and under what conditions – a stock exchange listing is a viable option.

  • We prepare you and your company optimally for the stock exchange listing.

  • As a project manager, we coordinate all the parties involved (Shareholders, Management, book runners, legal advisors, auditors, communications consultants, and possibly other parties) and guide you through the transaction process right through to the first day of trading on the stock exchange.

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